Oil Rig seascape at night in the North Sea. Collision between industry and nature. Incongruous. Alba North Production Platform North Sea at night.  Medium Format Film Photography.
Black and white portrait of man submerged in the River Kelvin, Glasgow, Scotland. Film Photography, medium format.
Fine art Black and white long exposure landscape photograph with moon and star trails.
Black and white seascape photograph, long exposure, moon reflection, North Sea, fine art, landscape photography, from Drilling Rig, offshore.
Dunbar Production Platform, northern North Sea, Typologies, Oil Rig, Production Platform, offshore photography. Bernd & Hilla Becher.
Ninian Northern Platform, Dales Voe, Shetland Islands. Decommissioning. Dismantling. Landscape. North Sea. Oil and Gas Industry. Renewable Energy. Production Platform. Collapsed. Surreal.  Film photography. Analogue. Medium Format.
Archer, Govanhill Baths, decay, Glasgow, Double exposure. Interior photography. Large Format Photography. 5x4. Glasgow, Scotland.
Surreal portrait, creative photography. Fine Art Photography. White Dove. Man reaching for bird. Cargo theatre production.
Boards of Canada Portrait photography, Geogaddi. Warp records. Film photography. analogue. Music photography. Band.
Pictorial North Sea seascape photograph showing Drilling Rig and Platform Supply Vessels in the North Sea with moody, dark clouds. Incongruous. Industry versus nature. Offshore photography. Documentary photography. Oil and Gas Industry.
Surreal long exposure colour photograph showing North Sea Platform Supply Vessel main deck and sea. Light trails.
RAF Marham, runway, with tyre markings from RAF Tornado GR4 taken at night with lights from RAF base.
Black and white portrait of girl in farm barn with creepy textured wall. Perthshire Scotland. Portrait photography large format 5x4. Scottish Portrait Awards.
Close up detail of Beryl Bravo Production Platform in the North Sea with a tranquil sea, offshore, rust, decay. Offshore photography, Oil and Gas Industry. Oil Rig. Analogue photography.
Large Format black and white photograph of Red Road Estate Tower Blocks at night before demolition. Glasgow. Monoliths.
Black and white landscape photograph showing the Red Road Estate before demolition with tower blocks draped and shrouded. Glasgow. Scotland.
Colour photograph showing the Rowan Gorilla Five Drilling Rig in the West Franklin and Elgin Field in the North Sea. Seascape photography. Dusk light and twilight long exposure offshore photography.
Surreal and creepy colour analogue photograph showing abandoned house in an urban environment with mixed lighting and filmic quality in Winter, Glasgow. Fine Art landscape photography.
Black and white portrait of photographer Laurence Winram meditation on a history of tidal erosion, North Sea. Surreal portrait lying upside down on steps in front of decayed harbour wall in Portsoy north of Scotland. Scottish Portrait Award winner.
RAF Tornado fighter jet colour close up details of the jet fuselage before end of service RAF Marham, England.
RAF Tornado fighter jet colour close up details of the jet fuselage before end of service RAF Marham, England. Abstract photography.
Black and white medium format analogue portrait of Eastern European refugee in Scotland holding a fish in front of his surreal artwork for the Scottish Refugee Council.
Black and white photograph of Kosovar Refugee in from tof the Red Road Estate in Glasgow for the Scottish Refugee Council.
Close up colour photograph showing the Prospector 1 Drilling Rig in the Franklin Field in the central North Sea from the Franklin Platform at night. Offshore photography. Oil and gas industry.
Close up photograph showing the various chemical hoses on the back of the Drilling Rig cantilever central North Sea, Scottish sector of the oil and gas industry.
Black and white portrait of offshore Oil Rig North Sea worker in the Pump Room in the central North Sea.
Black and white photograph of Roughneck operating equipment on the drill floor of a Drilling Rig in the North Sea.
Photograph at night showing a green cabinet on the Franklin Production Platform in the central North Sea.
Colour seascape photograph of the North Everest Production Platform in the North Sea in evening sunlight with a rainbow behind it.
Black and white photograph of a deck and fire crew member on the helipad of a North Sea oil rig waiting for the helicopter to land on the drilling rig in the central north sea.
Colour photograph with flat low level cloud and mist showing the Beryl Alpha Production Platform in the northern North Sea. Seascape photography. Typology.
Atmospheric night colour photograph of Brent Bravo and Charlie Platforms in the northern North Sea before they are decommissioned and dismantled.
Large format colour photograph sowing man standing with eyes closed in the Marine Yard in Dumbarton in front of a rusty boat as part of a documentary photography project about the incongruous nature of post industrial landscapes.
A colour landscape large format photograph showing Hiram Walker Distillery Mill Still building in abandoned landscape in thick fog showing monolithic block.
A surreal colour photograph looking up the former lift shaft in the Mill Still building of Balantine’s Distillery in Dumbarton before being demolished.
A blood moon at Peterhead Harbour from the perspective of the Platform Supply Vessel.
A colour photograph of the band Boards of Canada in front of a large bonfire at night.
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