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Dunbar Platform #2

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Dunbar Platform, Dunbar Field, northern North Sea {15km west of UK/Norway median line/water depth: 143m [07.18]} From the series, “Ask The Sea”.

Each limited-edition photograph is printed using archival pigment inks and is signed and numbered by Iain in pencil, on the reverse.

{65cm x 65cm} / {25.6” x 25.6”} Edition of 10 [inc. 1.5” white border]

 {42cm x 42cm} / {16.5” x 16.5”} Edition of 20 [inc. 1.5” white border]

{30.48cm x 25.4cm} / {12” x 10”} Edition of 30 [Image size 9” x 9” square format]

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